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Delicious Dumplings

We would love to enter the frozen food industry by establishing a powerful and lasting relationship with our customers.

Our company specializes in the production of frozen, Eastern-European-style dumplings. Typically, these dumplings are known as Pelmeni and Pirogi.

We’re sure that you’ve had these dumplings before in a number of locations – they’re a popular, comforting food that a number of people have as street food or as part of a delivery order today. We’re separate from the rest of the crowd because our recipes are decadently, perfectly balanced to ensure that you get the perfect result every time.

We’re sure that you’ve been there in your kitchen: upon trying to make a recipe that was so delicious in the restaurant, you found your own version to be a little lacking in some way. Well, our dumplings will never let you down – instead, we’re confident that they elevate any meal.

Each dumpling we make is produced with love and care. We have a number of different options available for fillings, namely: chicken, chicken and pork, and potato and cheese. We’ve also made sure to pioneer some delicious vegan options – potato and mushroom, or simply just potato.

We’re really proud of our dumplings, and we know that you’d be proud to serve them, stock them, or eat them. Our unique and tasty flavorings and recipes have gone through rigorous testing to ensure that they’re perfect for the market, and we’re pleased to say that we’ve arrived at the perfect recipe. Any number of people out there will adore our tasty dumplings.

 Our principal goal, now and always, is to provide products of the highest quality at reasonable prices. We believe wholeheartedly that our spectacular dumplings should be available to everyone, and that’s a goal that we always have in mind.

We are continuously striving to make sure that our customers will fall in love with our products with every bite. We make sure to get the best ingredients possible from our suppliers, and we’re proud of every dumpling we make.

Our stellar plant is FDA, USDA, and SQF approved and certified. On top of those credentials, we hold Costco addendum certification.

The same love and care go into each of our dumplings, regardless of how they leave our plant – we’re confident in their unparalleled quality and flavor.

When we first started out making dumplings in our small business, we knew that we were on to something. We were using an old recipe with a wealth of history and development behind it, and people loved to taste it! Over time, we’ve continued developing our recipes, and people kept on loving it – nowadays, we’re still producing delightfully tasty dumplings that receive praise every single day.

We strongly believe that Delicious Dumplings would be a wonderful fit for any frozen food program, providing our wonderful product as a strong addition to any lineup. With additional support, it will be our honor and pleasure to continue to grow our business. We look forward to creating a number of additional products that are sure to impress customers new and old.

Every single one of our products has received full-throated and continual support from a number of our customers. The highly-rated comments that we have received only serve to make us all the more proud of our range, and we’re confident in our amazing dumplings now, and always.

While we are developing these new recipes and ensuring they’re perfect and ready for mass production, we always make sure to assist any of our current clients to develop and produce their own private label. Their own unique recipe is a valuable part of their product lineup, and we’re always happy to help clients however we can.

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